Building Automation

Building Automation

Progecta develops automation systems for large public and private buildings.

These systems feature integrated management of all technologies, including electrical systems and interior/exterior lighting, thermal plants and refrigeration, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), special systems (anti-intruder, CCTV and fire detection), and collection and management systems for data and energy consumption, with alarms for exceeding absorption thresholds.

Progecta supports its clients in identifying the most suitable technology platforms for their market, and designs the control system architecture, appropriately scaled to ensure efficiency and functionality.

Building automation projects are approached with a view to integration and mediation between the need to control systems and the needs of the individuals who will use them. In particular, Progecta focuses not only on the safety of goods and people, but also on convenience, energy savings, maintenance of structures in good operational order and optimising maintenance.

Progecta offers its clients bespoke monitoring tools, designed to simplify and optimise the running of buildings. This allows direct and indirect running costs to be analysed and reduced, from maintenance operations to the controlled absorption of electrical current and the regulation of ventilation and lighting levels on the basis of season, time of day etc.

Fields of application

  • shopping centres
  • office blocks
  • conference centres
  • residential buildings
  • holiday villages
  • hotels and guesthouses
  • museums
  • stadiums, sports centres and other leisure facilities
  • logistics hubs