Progecta develops monitoring and control systems for public utility plants and utility management.

Public administrations and companies providing public services rely on Progecta to identify the best technologies available on the market, design infrastructure and install control and remote management systems. Progecta can help companies and public bodies to create control systems, designing their architecture and implementing solutions that are specifically designed to meet the user’s needs.

Progecta’s experience in this field allows designers to avoid typical post-installation issues, thanks to appropriate selection of devices and suitable scaling of the installation, in addition to the inclusion of software controls that can promptly detect malfunction or hazards; this means systems are maintained at perfect efficiency, safeguarding the initial investment.

Such considerations are essential to avoid costly post-installation interventions, particularly on systems that are spread over an area and often unsupervised, such as tunnels, electricity distribution plants, lighting and communication plants, smoke and fire-detection systems, emergency pumps, utility meters and weather stations.

Fields of application

  • tunnels and road networks
  • utility management (car parks, silos, ports, airports)