In collaboration with the other Consorzio Nexa companies, we supply “turnkey” installations and systems, complete with mechanics, technology and electrics.


We analyse the client’s needs and propose the available technological solutions. Having identified the most suitable choice, taking into account all the client’s needs, we develop specific techniques in a detailed outline of the service to be provided.

Electricity planning

On the basis of the client’s needs, we develop the general and detailed electricity design and then carry out the final planning for electricity control boxes and machine-side systems.

PLC, Motion and Robot software development

We develop the software needed for all PLC, MOTION and ROBOT control systems, adapting where requested to the client’s specific needs.

SCADA software development

We develop SCADA monitoring applications for human-machine interface, complete with template data management.

Development of production data collection software

We develop software for the collection and storage of production data, complete with graphic interface for analysis reporting.

Supply and integration of vision software

We develop and integrate artificial vision systems to increase the level of control.

Installation and startup

We work on site to install software, carry out functional tests and oversee the startup of installations.

Production training and assistance

We carry out training for production and maintenance personnel and assist with the startup of production and the optimisation of processes.

Post-sales support

We revisit all the systems we supply, even years later, both for urgent interventions and for occasional checking or modification.